What we offer:

We provide a full range of services and advice in the field of economics and accounting. Our priorities include bookkeeping , tax accounting, payroll and human resources. We offer comprehensive services in the field of accounting for business owners , entrepreneurs, small and medium businesses.

We will prepare for you all tax returns, financial statements,  account sheets and final statements, documents for banks and other required documents.

We will compile for you

  • Tax records for entrepreneurs
  • Annual tax returns for individuals including overviews of the CSSZ and ZP or VAT returns,
  • Professional management and administration of double-entry bookkeeping
  • Preparation of annual accounts for legal entities
  • readjustment of accounts,
  • warehouse management ,
  • comprehensive maintenance of payroll ( re-evaluation, overview reports to the CSSZ and ZP, payroll sheets , record sheets , annual billing )
  • complete processing of tax returns (income tax , VAT, excise tax , road tax, property tax ) .

We also offer

  •  Tax optimisation ,
  • Financial management,
  • preparation for an audit ,
  • Processing of data for reporting and accounting
  • accounting and economic consulting,
  • preparation of Intrastat
  • preparation of economic statistical reports ,
  • preparation of documents for loan
  • We will help you with the development of accounting policies and procedures .

We will accommodate you  as far as

  •  Possibility of processing accounting directly for the client ,
  • the possibility to use our accounting software ,
  • representation in office by proxy , participation in inspections ,
  • the professional care and individual approach are as a matter of course
  • secure services of an auditor
  • secure services of a tax consultant ,
  • secure deferral of tax returns to 30.6.

As a matter of course we ensure

  • High professionalism of our team and the certificates of relevant parties 
  • professional liability insurance.