The Company’s activities Zapletal & Partners Ltd. is approved and endorsed by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs of the Czech Republic.

The main focus is to recruit experts and managers based on the specific requirements of clients with an emphasis on working with imaginative flair.

The aim of successful collaboration of the clients’ firm with our consultants is the maximum efficiency of seeking out and selecting candidates, which is ultimately reflected in saving time and resources to the client.

The standard process of the candidate's selection

Needs Analysis:  This process begins by discussing your  precise requirements and developing a competency profile of the ideal candidate. Understanding the situation in the company , management objectives and corporate culture are , however, just as important as the actual profile of the candidate.

Užší výběr:  When it comes to our candidates , rigorous assessment of skills , competencies and reference checks are only the beginning . Equally important is the role of expectations and motivations of our candidates which is carried out  by undertaking thorough personal interviews.

Making an offer to the client:  We recommend to our client only three suitable candidates. Each of them  pass through our "orientation centre " , which measures the level of his/her competence in comparison with the needs of the client. The client receives a comprehensive information pack containing biography , psychological assessment (personality profile ) and the comments made ​​during the interview.

Mutual awareness:  We continually keep everyone informed during the entire selection process.. Following the successful placement of the candidate, we check twice a year, on  his/her integration into the company in order to ensure maximum satisfaction of all parties.