Recruitment division

We provide services in the areas of recruitment, headhunting and HR consulting in the following fields: IT, trade, construction, science, research, engineering and more.

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Accounting division

We provide a full range of services and advice in the field of economics and accounting, tax accounting, payroll and human resources.

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Education division

We offer training, seminars and training courses that are designed for those who wish to develop their skills or need to get a completely new experience in different areas.

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Our strategy

The company's strategy Zapletal & Partners Ltd. is to provide a comprehensive service and custom-tailored services to our clients. We provide services in the field of recruitment / headhunting , economics - accounting and education . We always place emphasis on quality of our services and customer satisfaction.

  • Ability to define and transform customer needs into meaningful solutions with a clearly defined goal 
  • Dynamically growing number of satisfied clients is our best reference .
  • Quality is never absolute. Therefore, also  we try to push the boundaries of quality over time.


Available positions

We work with:

Česká andragogická společnostMinistry of Labour and Social Affairs of the Czech Republic